The Killing of Me – Part 7

There are times someone looks at you and you know exactly what they feel, think, want, don’t want… it is all there. Volumes.

Kelly had looked at me when I mentioned fostering Owen, and when I told him that I would do it myself, it was like pushing him off a ledge.

He looked at me, not a word.

I can remember how I set my jaw. How I looked at him.

I was going to do this! I wanted to do this!

So I would do this.

Kelly didn’t say a word. He got up,went into the bedroom. I followed. I lay down beside him. He got up, went out. And didn’t return.

I think I thought he went to the bathroom or to get water, but I fell asleep. In the morning, he wasn’t there, and when I went to make breakfast, I realised he’d slept on the couch, and left before I woke.


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Written by jaylar

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