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The cause of the floods in Borca.

Robin Biznis November 14.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

Borca is part of Belgrade where I live.The earliest records of the age of the settlement itself date from September 1427.That year, Austro-Hungarian king Zigmund camped in Borca, as evidenced by written information.During the reign of Maria Theresa Walburg Amalia Christine, a law was passed to build a trench around every house or bar to collect water from heavy rain and snow.This was intended to remove a large amount of water from the houses to prevent flooding inside the house itself.That law was respected until about twenty years ago.After that, there was a sudden construction of Borca.The law of Maria Theresa was forgotten. People started flooding the channels en masse.The devil is on his way this spring.The floods also caused heavy rainfall. People were entering the houses because of the rain, the canals and trench were flooded.Two weeks ago, an excavator reached the Vizelj Canal and cleared it.On pictures, you can see how much sludge was taken out.

Now Vizelj l can get more water.Homeowners were required to rebuild their trenches in front of the homes. Let this be our teaching.Teresa was a smart ruler.


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