The best casinos for high rollers

The Casino world is forever evolving and changing, traditional venues such as the Casino de Monte Carlo are being surpassed by a heaving throng of new kids on the block, ready to reinvent the industry. Further to this, there is the advancement of the online gambling world. Prospective betters can now take to their smartphone or tablet to wager dazzling amounts of money rather than visiting a land-based casino.

As technology improves and advances, the gambling landscape will surely change beyond all recognition. Today players are free to participate in certain casino games from their own home and take on the high-rollers who are suited and booted in the casino.

Virtual reality is another technology that keeps appearing, and once it is harnessed properly by tech-gurus it will have the ability to change the gambling world irrevocably. Online poker games could be played with the same intrigue and gamesmanship through VR as in real-life.

In this article we’ll examine the world of land-based casinos and so-called high-rollers, looking for the best venues for those people with seemingly endless supplies of cash and discretion. High-rollers, those who turn their nose up at a £2,000 bet and instead search for the higher-stakes. We’re thinking serious players, those that enter poker tournaments with a strategy, rather than gambling small amounts on roulette. More James Bond and less Austin Powers.

  • Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco

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This stunning venue was first opened in the mid-19th-century and was the brainchild of Princess Caroline, a member of the Monegasque monarchy who pinpointed casinos as a way to improve Monaco’s ailing economy.

Casino de Monte Carlo certainly succeeded in this regard drawing in tourists from all around the continent and further afield. Monaco as a state is now almost synonymous with opulence, luxury and its world famous casino.

The building itself is simply stunning and features a Belle Époque façade complete with ornate accoutrements to make the high-rollers amongst us feel right at home. Inside there are Italian frescoed ceilings adorned with renaissance tapestries and portraits older than the United States of America.

A terrace was recently added in 2011 which allows gamblers to take in the fresh air whilst staring out to the amazing sea views of the Monegasque coast. The venue operates a strict dress-code and jackets are mandatory after 8pm.

The casino has been featured in several James Bond films and is often pictured with a harem of luxurious sports cars parked outside. This is the perfect place for a high-roller to gamble, surrounded by those of the same social standing.

  • Wynn Casino, Las Vegas

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The Nevada City is often associated with a cheap tackiness which draws tourists from all over the world. However the four-star Wynn resort is perfect for high-rollers. The entrance to the casino is flush with colourful parasols that welcome punters into lush exotic gardens.

Inside there are all the classic features of a Las Vegas casino – dazzling lights, emphatic architecture – as well as classy touches such as vibrant chandeliers and sparkling flower petals on the wall. Changing themes are also a major aspect of Wynn Casino with a spectacular garden feature being regularly updated to capture the attention of visitors.

The dress-code is casual but Wynn attracts some of the biggest spenders in Nevada and is a must-visit for those with high aspirations. If you’re a high-roller you can always turn up in a three-piece suit and ask for your Martini shaken not stirred to give you the feel of being in Monte Carlo.

  • Park Hyatt, Mendoza

Perhaps you wouldn’t expect Argentina to feature on this list, but the Park Hyatt in Mendoza is an absolutely stunning Casino. Situated in the wine-making heart of the country, the casino is clearly designed to attract high-rollers who are touring the local Malbec vineyards.

The venue features understated colonial Spanish architecture on the outside, but luxury is the theme once inside. Ornate marble features are surrounded by fine-art and the entire vibe of the casino is one that dissuades those less well-off than your average high roller.

The resort offers a special transportation service to guests ensuring they can arrive in style to gamble and then sample the fine-dining of the once they’ve cleaned up at the poker table.

Once high-rollers have finished their gambling exploits they could then take the opportunity to explore one of the most diverse countries in the world. Flying south offers the chance to see some of the fastest moving glaciers in the world.

There’s also the stunning lake district of Argentina and the sweltering jungle of Iguazu in the north of the country bordering Brazil and Paraguay. It’s not just great casinos that high-rollers look for after all.

  • The Ritz-Carlton, San Juan Casino, Puerto Rico

Again, this is another venue you wouldn’t expect to see on the list, but the Ritz-Carlton in Puerto Rico is the quintessential high-roller casino. It’s situated on an 8-acre property with amazing panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and inside it resembles a classic European casino.

You’d expect a high-roller to be travelling the world regularly, and on their way back to the US from Argentina they could do little wrong to visit this venue. Sun and Puerto Rican culture, food and music all add to the terrific ambience of the Ritz-Carlton and provide the perfect back drop to winning lots of money at the roulette table.

  • The Bellagio, Las Vegas

No run down of luxurious casinos suited for high-rollers would be complete without an entry from The Bellagio. World-class games and casino features are one thing, but the decadence of the casino is the main drawing point for high-rollers.

Rooms are decked out with golden decorations and swooping ceilings. Further to this, the biggest drawing point for a high-roller is the presence of other high-rollers. After several high profile appearances in television and film – including Ocean’s Twelve – The Bellagio has managed to attract some pretty famous clientele.

Anyone who is anyone must be sure to be seen at The Bellagio when visiting Las Vegas and a high-roller would feel right at home amidst celebrity regulars.


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