Having dinner and a oops! Happens! #Dubzanator’sluck

Hello everyone me and the wife went to dinner at the Red Dolley in Central City. And got my favorite Prime rib and made my favorite sauce mix ketchup,Heinz 57,A1,and Cholula hot sauce. Trying to put cap back on A1 cap went flying off on to casino floor and hit machine and hit lady.She looks up and as soon as she sees me I wave and say I’m sorry she hits Jackpot on a machine. I’m like WTF!! She cashes out and leaves and I go down to pick up cap off my a1 sauce come back to where I was and guess what you never think what happened another person hit 100 bucks right near where I picked up my cap. What you think Streak of good luck or just beginner’s luck! #Dubzanatorluck

What do you think?

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