Symbolism for Tangerine

Saturday, 5.1.21

While taking a walk in my neighborhood, I stopped by a neighbor’s house to ask for a local electrician. He said he will give me the name when his wife returns. I continued my walk because it was a nice spring day, sunny but breezy. And, I found a small tangerine in the grass, like an easter egg.

So, for fun, I decided to google the symbolism for tangerine. The color tangerine has to do with energy, youth, and happiness. The color tangerine, combined with yellows, blues, and purples, creates a cheery and lively presence. Combined with grays and creams, it tends to be more conservative and elegant.

The fruit tangerine symbolizes instant and quick energy for unfinished tasks. It can also mean mood changer.

Tangerine Symbolism has to do with new projects, happiness, contentment, energy, motivation and relationships, as well as lies and betrays.

The symbolic meaning for tangerine has to do with success and business fruition.  You will get an advancement and reimbursement in a very positive way. You will also begin to enjoy your work via inspiration, which will help you get going and move forward.

Seeing a tangerine in waking life, visions is synchronicities is a sign of an affirmation or confirmation that right now is the right time to see a project through.

In dreams, it means that you are sick and tired of your monotonous life, leading you to seek something different to bring more juice into your time and life. You are tired of the simplicity of life because you want a better life for yourself. Hence, you seek to bring in some positive changes to help you attain your desires to live your life to its fullest.

The juicy tangerine taste symbolizes happiness, contentment, and positive news in your life. You will receive some brighter changes in your waking life, which will help you satisfy your thirst for new things and adventures.

Moreover, eating a tangerine symbolizes that your projects are going to flourish and earn a good reputation in the market. You will achieve greater heights because you are likely to reach these greater heights.

I contemplate on this symbolism description to my current life. I feel it fits well with my life. I am still working on my third novel, although slowly, and I recently want to embark on fixing the outlets inside my townhomes, as soon as I find an electrician. I am also working out more often to improve my overall health and body. 

Furthermore, according to my own intuition, I also feel tangerine is a positive sign because I found it during springtime and on green grass. To me, it implies freshness and newness. I also feel it is a good luck sign because I found it on green grass, like a bright orange easter egg.


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