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This is an individual choice that a woman prefers. I do not think you can give a hat. Regardless of what style the hat is. I personally prefer the knit hat for the summer. But many of the well-known women prefer style. Others add to their elegant outfit and hat as an addition. Others prefer chicago. I searched for some interesting facts. I hope you like the idea and read these interesting things about the hats.

The most famous example of a clever use of a hat is not the purpose of a Chinese princess’s hat of about 4,000 years ago when the secret of Chinese silk production was strictly guarded. The Chinese princess headed for her fiance abroad with a hat of live flowers in which silkworms were hidden. Thus, in his hat he transferred money for the French resistance and Lilian Helman on the way to a theater festival in Soviet Russia.

In the early centuries, religion required women to cover their faces and heads with veils, hatches, headscarves and hoods. It was only at the end of the sixteenth century that ladies were allowed to adorn themselves with hats that resembled those of the clergymen. A century later, fashion divides men's and women's hats. The 18th century is definitely a century of excessive, self-sacrificial and anti-capitalist hat. Especially when in the second half of the 18th century French Queen Marie Antoinette set a tone in the fashion score. She seemed to be aware that she would be separated from her head and was tireless in her decoration ... while she had it ... Composite compositions of flowers, veils, lace, feathers, animals, fruits, and what the absolutist hats of the ladies still do not adorn .

The most bizarre part of the ladies' suit, the hat, for millennia, undergoes a drastic change in its form of animal skin protecting from cold or a cover, symbolizing the mixture of sacred, godliness and remembrance of the fall, to a strange statuary ornament that grew up with hairstyle.

And nowadays, it's part of a stylish masquerade - which, when and what it is, remains deeply unclear. Anna Piaji, to say, always appears in the parades in Paris and Milan with frankly cartoon hats, so cartoonish that somehow excuses their inappropriate use. The oldest drawing of a hat made of straw is sealed on an Egyptian tomb in Fivah. Historically, the hat is a token of social status, a symbol of power, success, knowledge, academic titles.

The hat becomes a more discreet accessory that completes a real toilets. At the beginning of the nineteenth century bones appeared. To it later added various ribbons, tulle, flowers, feathers ... The twentieth century came with the triumph decorated with feathers and ribbons hats. Later, swinging and opposed to this, a cult of freethinkers women rise daring short hairstyles requiring a simple model hats with smaller volumes and clean lines, known as shingle. And just then the hat in the modern sense becomes essential to the lady's dress. It is no coincidence that Coco Chanel began his career as a fashion hunter.

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