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Spring of Cetina River … Croatia

Spring of Cetina River …  Croatia.

Cetina springs include sources of the river Cetina (Cetina river, which belongs to the Adriatic basin, located in Split-Dalmatia County. 105 km long and flows into the Adriatic sea at Omiša.Cetina springs at an altitude of 385 to him northwestern slopes of Dinara, near the village cetine, 7 km north of Vrlike), and with Krku Zrmanju, one of the most Adriatic river, which stream comprises about 105 kilometers in length, after which the code into the Adriatic Omiša more.Dok viewing source Glavaš, this captivating Cyan “about” it seems to be working on the water surface depth of a few meters.But when you look closely, you notice that among white rocks provide expansive sink to the depths of the karst. How exactly Glavaš deep, is still not known,


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