Short Story: John dreams of seeing himself as himself from himself.

John often dreams of the sea. 

It does not matter where he is, John will often drop off to sleep, in an instant, and start to dream.

Mostly, in his sea dreams, John is sitting on a rock on the sand, just looking out to sea. 

It is rather a peaceful, relaxing dream, that he usually has, and he needs this type of a dream, because his outer life is particularly hectic.

In John’s recent dream, though, John was walking along a sandy, stony path, with a weed or two growing on it, and he eventually came to a lighthouse, that had been constructed on a small narrow rocky outcrop of rock, hanging off of some other land in a coastal area of his country, in a dangerous stretch of ocean, known for its tumultuous waves, and heavy currents.

John came to the door at the bottom of the tower, tried it, and it opened for him.

Then, he started to climb up the winding spiral staircase there.

At the top of the stairs, was a heavy closed trapdoor, that he then pushed up and open, with his both hands.

John entered the glass spherical domed room there, and seeing a pair of large binoculars there, mounted on a stand, John took a look through these, looking then, out to sea.

John saw a small ship out to sea, at some distance away, and focussing in on it, John saw that its name was, “Your Endeavour”, which was written along its side.

Then, John looked into the small cabin, or pilot’s room at the top, and he saw the captain there.

He was a middle-aged bearded man, and he was steering the ship with his hands on the large wooden steering wheel there.

John looked even close, and surprisingly, he saw that this man was himself.

Sure, he did look a little older, and his beard was a little longer, but John knew that this was himself here, captaining this ship.

Some possible thoughts about this dream’s meaning for John

When you see yourself like this from another self, it is your dream self seeing your soul (the captain) at sea in its body, (which is represented by the ship), on its journey through life, or love, (which is the ocean).

Ships infer movement in your life, and being a Captain means you need to be in charge, and run your own life, taking yourself where you need to go, using your ship, (your own body and mind in this life) to do so.

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Written by The Dunce


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    • Yes, I like that we are all different too.

      Some of us are afraid of our own uniqueness though, and some accept themselves for being something that they are not really.

      Some people, for example, might say of themselves that they cannot change their stubborn streak, as it is a part of themselves, so they might go on being stubborn, for the rest of their days.

      This might not be the real them at all though, and I think we can often latch onto these “wrong” character traits, and take them to the extreme, because we are saying well, that’s just me, and so taking the easy way out, rather than working further on our weaknesses.

      We are only our weaknesses temporarily when we own them, and decide to not move away from them.

      We are not our strengths in a way either, as they are not fixed in place either. We can grow them stronger and improve even our strengths too.

      So, yes, we are all unique, and we can all uniquely grow and enhance our areas of uniqueness too, I think too.

    • Is the Universe created for us, or are we created for the Universe?

      Perhaps the Universe can open nothing for us, because the Universe is in us to be opened, and so our path is the path of the Universe, as it exists with God, and as God exists within it.

      There is one path, one Universe, one God, one us, and it is all the same us in them all. There is only oneness and us, until we also disappear too.

      Then there is but one; God, or us, or the Universe, we might call the oneness by any of these names.

        • I like the idea of oneness that Taoism espouses, yet from my own uniqueness, it is hard for me to see it as being real for me sometimes.

          That’s where if we drop ourselves back into the snow, we can see this better, but then we fear perhaps losing some of our own uniqueness too.

          God is one God, and his creation is one creation with many parts, and each part is unique in itself, but each part requires to be linked to every other part for it to see itself rightly from itself in itself, and not from itself outside of itself.

          Itself in itself is itself amongst, or as a part of, the other snowflakes; itself outside of itself is when it thinks that it is still this separated snowflake alone.

          • that is the interesting place we sit, the edge of the cliff of reason it has been called, Which side of the cliff is a mountain, which side is but air?

        • Which side is life and which side is death of the Tao, or does it have any sides to it at all?

          The cliff is not a cliff unless there is a mountain, and air is not air until someone breathes it.

          The life gives the colour to the life, and the death gives nothing back to anything, unless you see its colour as adding to the overall picture too.

        • Perhaps you are right, life and death are two sides of the one coin, but what is on its rim, that is the question.

          The coin rolls around, and lays flat at times too, but what does it roll in.

          Love lives in all, and life and death is simply a coin that love flips for us to have experiences with, helping us in our guessing of what life and death are really all about.

          • if death is heads and life is tails then luck would be the middle. The flipping of a coin that lands on its sides requires the ultimately expression of luck (Skill, time, practice and perfection).

            lady luck rides the middle!

        • And yet, who is Lady Luck, maybe just another name for God, and yet also, Einstein once was reported to have said that God does not allow luck in his creation, or God does not play dice, or roll coins with the World.

          • yes Einstein once famously said “God does not play dice with the Universe.” But I suspect his view of god and the view of god by others would be very different. His view was that god was the universal forces the governed the universe (gravity and other large forces)

        • Yes , I guess that Einstein meant that the law of gravity is not subject to chance, but is fixed in its place.

          If the graviton particle really exists though, and if it is subject to quantum effects, I guess there is some chance involved with the workings of these laws after all.

          The laws do not really exist. What happens happens.

          The laws just are a description of what is happening in the best way that we can write it or picture it being for now.

          • we know gravity now to be different than it was in the days of Newton. NASA has found that the “fields” were more like waves than straight lines.

            It is the interesting mi of philosophy, science and religion that allows us to wander this far in a conversation.

          • Waves, could be just straight lines waving…lol…

            There are no fixed laws as such, as everything created links to everything else, and the way of linking can be classified/descripted by laws, but anything can link in multiple ways with other things, and the straight connection never happens unless truth is involved, and the circuitous connection happens if more introductoryness of communication is needed for love to be felt, and understood, and it, love, goes around and around, until it does (become felt and understood).


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