Short story: John dreams of a black dog

John was dreaming that he was at his Mum’s house.

John was inside the house, but the front wire screen door was not closing properly, and there was a gap between the door, and the opening of the door frame, where the screen door, was supposed to fit flush too.

The heavier wooden door was open.

A medium-sized black dog came into the house. John shooed/pushed it back out again.

There were a few people gathered in his Mum’s front yard on the gravel path there, and they had another still larger dog with them there too.

Perhaps their other dog had strayed onto John’s mother’s property, and they had come in to look for it there.

John told the man there with the larger dog, that he, John, really needs to repair this wire screen door.

Then he said, “here’s your dog back again, anyway.”

Then, John shut the wooden door, locked it up, and he then got onto an old shabby looking small community bus, that had arrived there then, at his mother’s house, to take him to the University, where he has a class to take.

This seems a simple enough dream, but what does it mean for John here?

A possible meaning for John’s dream.

The love not in a dream depicts the love not in you, and here the black dog slipping past the front door into John’s house represents fear in his life, getting past his heart, and infiltrating his mind, or is it the other way around, or perhaps it is both ways together, reinforcing each other.

Fear lives in both the heart and the mind when the emotion of that fear is thought as fearful thoughts.

We need to let love be all that exists in our heart, and let the fear out the door again, and if necessary we might need to go off to college or university to learn how to do this, as shown to John here too.

John should not be afraid about contacting a counselor to try to relieve himself of his fears.


A black dog usually refers to depression, but here it just meant fear, although such fears, out of control, can very well lead a person to depression too, at times.

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Written by The Dunce

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