Short story: John dreams of a black dog

John was dreaming that he was at his Mum’s house.

John was inside the house, but the front wire screen door was not closing properly, and there was a gap between the door, and the opening of the door frame, where the screen door, was supposed to fit flush too.

The heavier wooden door was open.

A medium-sized black dog came into the house. John shooed/pushed it back out again.

There were a few people gathered in his Mum’s front yard on the gravel path there, and they had another still larger dog with them there too.

Perhaps their other dog had strayed onto John’s mother’s property, and they had come in to look for it there.

John told the man there with the larger dog, that he, John, really needs to repair this wire screen door.

Then he said, “here’s your dog back again, anyway.”

Then, John shut the wooden door, locked it up, and he then got onto an old shabby looking small community bus, that had arrived there then, at his mother’s house, to take him to the University, where he has a class to take.

This seems a simple enough dream, but what does it mean for John here?

A possible meaning for John’s dream.

The love not in a dream depicts the love not in you, and here the black dog slipping past the front door into John’s house represents fear in his life, getting past his heart, and infiltrating his mind, or is it the other way around, or perhaps it is both ways together, reinforcing each other.

Fear lives in both the heart and the mind when the emotion of that fear is thought as fearful thoughts.

We need to let love be all that exists in our heart, and let the fear out the door again, and if necessary we might need to go off to college or university to learn how to do this, as shown to John here too.

John should not be afraid about contacting a counselor to try to relieve himself of his fears.


A black dog usually refers to depression, but here it just meant fear, although such fears, out of control, can very well lead a person to depression too, at times.

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Written by The Dunce


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  1. within each of us there are two hearts that beat. One that beats to time keeping our sound moving. One that beats to pump blood to keep our bodies going.

    Dogs connect with the spirt heart. They bring so much to us.

    • Yes, maybe you are right, or maybe there are more than two hearts beating as one.

      Some say that we have many different bodies, an astral body, a mental body, a physical body, a soul body etc. etc., all with a heart of sorts.

      So, the heart itself is made of many portions of love, one is the worldly part, the physical body, and one is the emotional aspect, but the mind is not the heart, nor the heart the mind, and yet spirit connects the two, and a dog can connect our heart to our mind via love, in the right way always, by his or her presence in our life.

      Dogs connect with the spirit heart, as you said.

      • yes, dogs see the real person quickly. That is why when my dog reacts to a person, i always pay attention. He sees the soul of that person.

        bad lies in some hearts –
        glad lies in the hearts of others.

        I like to hang out with those that are glad!

        • I think that some other animals are like dogs too.

          I remember an old lady telling me about her cat once.

          She said that it is a good judge of character.

          Whenever anybody comes to visit her, her cat would go behind the couch and hide, or it would slink out to another room to be on its own too.

          There was only one time though, when a kindly looking, previously unknown young man, came into her house, and he sat down on her couch.

          The cat, this time, jumped up onto the couch, and sidled up to this young man, then it actually got onto his lap, and it stayed there, for his whole visit, purring peacefully, right at home there.

          This man apparently had a good heart, and the cat knew this right away.

          Maybe the old lady did too, as she had invited him in to sit down for a talk, simply because he had delivered her shopping to her.

          The shopping had been delivered to his house, by mistake, and seeing the address on the label, he had redelivered it to this old lady, as quickly as he could do so, before, the shopping, which included milk, and other spoilables, could spoil.

          She was a lonely soul, living there only by herself, with her cat.

          She thanked him profusely for bringing the shopping to her house, and she invited him in for a cup of tea.

          Then she even read his palm, and told him his fortune.

          She was a palm reader.

          She told this young man that he would marry twice.

          This really did happen too, as his first wedding turned out to be a sham wedding, where he had set up by some tricksters in another country, but after that, his second marriage is still going strong now, after 25 years, or more.

          Lucky for him, there was no marriage certificate for that first marriage, and so it was simply declared null and void, allowing him to remarry without a problem.

          But, in this funny sort of a way, the old lady was sort of right about this too.

        • Yes, animals do have a certain power, for sure.

          I remember once, when I was feeling alone, and lonely, sitting all alone on a bitterly cold winter’s night, on a long station bench platform seat, at a station, waiting for a train. It was 9.00 pm, at night.

          An ice wind was blowing hard, with a few drops of misty rain around too.

          I had on my large black duffle coat, with large open pockets in it.

          A sparrow landed on the other end of the seat, a long distance from me.

          Then it slowly hopped along the seat, until it reached me, and without stopping, it simply jumped then, into my open coat pocket.

          Was it also just feeling the cold, or did it want to cheer me up a bit too, with this minor miracle, of its getting so snuggly with me?

          I sat there without moving a muscle much, and it stayed there for a good half an hour, before it jumped out again, and then it simply flew off again then, into the night.

          We were both warmed up a bit by this act of love, and by the sharing of that love, on that cold wintery night, in July.

          I wonder if the bird still remembers this event, as I still do?

          • there is so much in the universe we cannot understand. Our auras put forth energy into the world, that energy is read by the souls that are open and ready.

        • Yes, I expect that you are right.

          Everything living gives off an energy, and yes, some souls or minds of people can read or interpret this energy, by the type of energy, and its vibration/frequency level, as to which type of level of consciousness, it came from.

          • the energy of the universe, it flows away from us and returns to us. what we send it sometimes less than what we receive. sometimes what we send is more than we receive.

            the balance is ours fo find.

        • Yes, balance seems absolutely necessary for us in living our lives here.

          Love never unbalances anyone, and yet to live from love requires balance.

          This is because our mind must be balanced with our heart, not to go overboard as itself, but to be primed by love, rather than by the greed, and desire of its own wants.

        • I agree.

          Human love is a balancing act, but I was wondering if there is a higher degree of love, as exhibited by God, and whether he has to balance his love too, or whether it does not need to be balanced, as in it being an energy at full power, something like gravity, which could not be lessened, only relatively so.

          God would always be in balance then, as he is the fulcrum itself, not something sitting on either side of it, like his creation presumably is.

        • Perhaps, God does not gift himself so much to the world, but more remains as himself, and the world is a gift back to him, so to speak.

          God invites us to be the giver, because he knows that the giver gets us much, as the gifted.


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