Short Story: Frank gets frankly nutty with his psychotherapist

Frank had been having a few problems with his life recently. For one thing, he was feeling down, and depressed about it all.

Frank made an appointment with a psychotherapist that he had seen a few times in the past.

This guy knew his stuff, and he could usually ferret out of a person the real reasons behind why they were currently feeling like they were right now.

Baxter, the therapist, looked deeply into Frank’s face, and he said to him,

“Frank, you are not really very happy, right now, are you?”

Frank answered, “No”.

“Look, Frank,”

Baxter said gently,

“When we look for reasons for to be happy, we will never find any, if we are unhappy, right now, and conversely, if we look for reasons why we are unhappy, we are unlikely to find the real reasons, behind the trite answers either.”

“The surface reasons, might be that we do not have enough money, our health has taken a turn for the worse, or our marriage is not working well, right at this moment.”

“These are never the real reasons for our unhappiness though.”

“You are the way you are now, because you think that you are not the way that you would more like to be now.”

The question for you is. Is this Frank, or is it his Psychotherapist?

 {The question for you, dear reader, is this Frank, or is it his Psychotherapist?}

Back to the story:

Frank stood up, and he walked over to the window. He opened it widely, and he stepped out onto the footpath outside. He walked across the road. He went into a shop there. He bought himself a hot chocolate, and one for his therapist too. Then he walked back into the room, entering it the same way as he had just left it.

The therapist said to Frank,

“Are you as mad as a hatter, or just as mad as you? No more, and no less.”

“We need to own our own madness, and then see that only that can make us happy, as you were happy just then, in buying hot chocolates, in the way that you just did.”

“Be a little nutty, and you will never be unhappy being so. Life is nutty, so be a little nutty, sometimes too.”

Frank went home beaming happily to himself, as he had never done anything quite that nutty ever before in his life.

Sometimes, we need to be a little nutty to be frankly our real selves, as Frank was here, so Frankly.

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