She Got Her First Phone

Little Miss turns on Veterans days, November 11, fitting being her Mother is a Veteran, so I broke down and got her, her first phone, one that I felt was necessary after something scary happened to her earlier this week, she’s okay thank the Lord but it just reminded me that she needed to have a way to get a hold of someone if something ever happened.
We all watch her like a hawk, and now she is starting to see why, again she is okay, not hurt at all, but some people just suck.
Some stranger came up asking her a bunch of personal questions with her Mom sitting right there, it was nipped in the bud, and I am just very thankful that we have all drilled it in her head not to talk to strangers, never give out details.

I am back to work on Nano and super excited about this project, and Little Miss started taking an interested in writing a few months back.

Amber is actually helping me with Sounds in Silence.  She’s doing very well too, going to be 22 on the 20th of November and Little Miss as I said is going to be ten on the November 11.

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