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Shakespeare And Search Engine Optimisation

Where There’s A Will There’s A Way (Maybe)

Have you ever wondered how Will Shakespeare would do with SEO? My bet is he would do disastrously! Can you imagine the great search engines stomaching “Othello” or even a sonnet like number 129 :

“The expense of spirit in a waste of shame…”

Any self-respecting search engine would scratch its head and then paste “unfathomed content without a clue”. You’d need to help it with key words like “lust” but even then it might not take kindly to one, or indeed any, of the seven deadly sins, being modern and “searching”.

Search engine optimisation is difficult to grasp and I have occasionally paid experts to help my websites become known. I am still thinking of paying more and more because I am still unknown and my websites weep silently in their background, my background, and in the background.

Whenever I blog using WordPress I usually get three or four green buttons glowing at the bottom of the list but my failure to get the ones at the top out of the morass always leaves me sighing. I hit the publish button anyway and hope for the best. After all, an article is an article and not as precise as selling one pen with a significant brandname like ShakespeareQuill (for example). I presume that articles must be wide-ranging, and though I tend to blog about Pattaya, I do whatever inspires me, and say to hell with SEO. Brave words from a failure.

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It was with great pleasure that I found Shakespeare ranting and raving over his three red buttons. I reproduce the picture here in the hopes that others will be consoled and also in the hopes that anyone (someone) will clue me in on how to avoid orange and red WordPress button-discouragement. It’s the bane of my writing life, it’s disappointing, it’s depressing, it’s worthy of a Shakespearean sonnet beginning:

“Search Engine Optimisation is the plague of dearths, the earth

Of all returning spite, born out of optimisation, based on little.

Pithy and brief it needs no bard; it gets its endless mirth from birth

Of Twitter and twite and all things light. It will with skill belittle

Great twats like me……………………………………….”

(Something like that will do to let you know just how Shakespeare and I are feeling.)


What do you think?

Written by Jonathan Finch


  1. Well, I can usually answer a couple of questions but you’ve got me stumped! I’ll give your questions a try, though. Much ado about nothing? I usually think that content-creating sometimes relies on little or nothing, so I suppose the answer to the first is yes. As for moon-gazing over Shakespeare’s shoulder (I presume), yes again because the Swan of Avon has massive shoulders. Feel great now, having “answered” those two!