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Rereading Nineteen Eighty Four – Sound Familiar

The bellow of ‘Fake News‘ has only arisen since the 2 + 2 = 5 of the Trump inauguration in 2017. 

There was a small crowd, much less than that had turned out for Barack Obama.  Here are the photographs, it is clear.  YET…  

Trump claimed to have more people than Obama, and one of his poodles used the term ‘Alternate Facts’.

Those of us who had read Nineteen Eighty Four  instantly realised  what was happening.Whether Trump has the mental acuity to have read Nineteen Eighty Four, the capability of comprehending and implemented the procedures George Orwell wrote about,  is debatable, that it is being done is not.In the Book, news was fabricated and history constantly ‘revised’ to match the present version.

Those of us familiar with ‘doublespeak’, hearing Trump say he is pulling troops out of the Middle East understood he was sending more troops to the Middle East.Previous to the Trump administration, a President did not say one thing on a Monday and the opposite on a Tuesday.  

Trump’s limited vocabulary and repetitions are part of Newspeak,  which limits understanding and communication.

It is hard to believe that the United States would execute an important general of Iran and their retaliation would be dropping a few bombs at the edges of air bases, careful not to hit anything.  Yet, all news services are repeating this.

Do you believe the news, be it CNN or BBC?  Or are you aware you are living in Nineteen Eighty Four where you are constantly lied to and manipulated?


What do you think?


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      • I have also started watching Sky News, Al Jazeera, and RT America. Not that I trust any of them for reliable fair and balanced reporting. I just figure if you weed through it the reports, there’s got to be some truth morsels in there somewhere. It’s a shame. But it’s the truth. It’s kind of like listening to the Devil. Everything Satan says is not a lie. Sometimes he quotes scripture. LOL.

  1. It would be a mistake to merely see 1984 as a prophesy of what would happen in the future, certainly as that applies to “fake news”. Orwell was pointing to the culture of misinformation that applied in his own time, especially in the totalitarian regimes that had recently been at war with each other.

    He was satirising his own world by projecting it forward – this is what we have now and this is what it could easily become. All the elements of his dystopian world already existed, including “fake news”.

    • His wife worked at the Censorship Department of the Ministry of Information and later he was at the BBC preparing ‘information’ for broadcast in India, so he did have virtual Hands On experience in creating fake news.

      Much of what he wrote in 1984 was based on his experiences, and as you post; projected forward as the logical result.

      When Trump did the ‘I had 3x the crowd of Obama’ lie, and the photos were published the term ‘Alternate Facts’ knocked me for six.

      As I write the absolute lies about the rockets fired by Iran at an American airbase doing no damage and creating no causalities, has me reaching for a Guinness and a cigarette.

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