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Read To A Dog program in Tacoma Washington

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I have to give credit where credit is due with the Pierce County Library in Tacoma Washington in their way of helping children of both genders gain confidence in sharpening their reading skills so they can develop their confidence to read books out loud with having to face humiliation from their classmates and teachers when they make errors in reading.

A program in Pierce County called “Read To A Dog” is being used in the public libraries in the Tacoma area as well as Seattle metropolitan areas.

A therapy dog that will not attack any child will have the pleasure to listen to the child to read them a book inside a library setting which is unusual.

It is a good idea for a child to learn how to read a book of their choice out loud to a dog since if and when the child makes an error, the dog will not laugh at the young reader when the reader makes an error reading a book of his or her favorite character.

When a child pays his dues in the farm system of reading a book at a small venue like a library, the child develops confidence to learn to read books out loud in front of his classmates and teachers inside a school setting.

Both the dog and the child work hand in hand to learn that teamwork between a therapy dog and a child will benefit both the child and pet.

Pierce County Library County System Experience Manager Judy Nelson given her blessing to this unique program that is growing in leaps and bounds around America.

Think of it this way. Sure we live in an era of technology wizards. However children need to develop their reading skills by gaining confidence reading to a therapy dog inside a library before they have to tackle harder assignments later on as they grow older.


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  1. Genius, pure genius. I would have loved to read out loud to a dog as a child. I loved books and was an only child so I just read on my own and looked at the pictures. I also had no pets so it was lonely and to be able to go to a library and read to a dog well then my little world would have truly been blessed.

    • Reading a book to a dog inside a library is a great start to develop reading skills. This program must be new since as far I know in the Lake Charles region there is no read to dog programs.