I was raised to be proud of my home. I was proud to be raised in Montana. I took part in the activities and was an active part of the community.

I was raised to be active in my countries government and to participate. I was taught to have great respect for national symbols.

I began to wonder if people from other countries were raised with that kind of pride. So I guess I am asking, are you proud of the country and area you are from. It occurs to me that it would be interesting to know where people are from here.

So if you are proud of where you are from why not give a shout out and let us all know about your great home.


What do you think?


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  1. As an American, I see that the patriotism of the USA has been decreasing over the past few years. However, Americans should recognize that their situation could be worse if they lived in another country. For crying out loud, Rwandans just got satellite TV this week.

  2. We were raised as “New Zealand Colonials” and often the Brits would come and tell us what to do in NZ because it was not the same as Great Britain.
    However, today our views have changed and we no longer look to England but are pleased to be a genuine Kiwi. An endangered species but NZ people regard themselves as a Kiwi which is a flightless bird that only comes out at night.
    Yes, all the time we were told that the grass was greener over the fence, we had a beautiful clean country with stunning views.
    Then I went overseas and saw other countries, came home to New Zealand and realised how lucky we were.

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