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I practice cycling relatively late. When I started sitting on a red “mini” with a ring handle on it, I was 11 years old. At eleven years old, I was old enough to know almost everything (in theory) about bicycles, know what a bike is composed of, how it functions, what to do to get the bike moving …

But as a child, I have never tried to climb on a bicycle. I have never run a four-wheel-drive vehicle for children. Therefore, practically, I know almost nothing about cycling.

Just know again just do not know, just confident again lack of confidence. These two contradictions make me hesitate to learn a bicycle. Think about it: a tall, tall kid knows everything, but except for one thing most people don’t know: it’s a bicycle.

My parents kept talking about rehearsals over the summer. But the more I heard, the more afraid I was, the more afraid, and the more I postponed driving practice. To the extent that one summer, when I was urged, I cried, “Okay! And they will practice the car if everyone wants it! ”My parents heard that and then shouted,“ My God. The training is for you but for no one ”. Thinking back was funny. Childish ego, the anxiety of being laughed at by a teenage girl, feeling uncomfortable when being imposed by an adult … All those mixed emotions, now thinking back is funny, ugly Tiger, and grotesque.

Then I also went to practice bicycle. I remember driving was not bad. But like every kid who knows how to ride a car for the first time, I am fumbling, clumsy, shy, awkward. In the beginning, my father used to follow behind holding the saddle, helping me to balance to pedal. Back then, I still had no confidence to ride a bike alone.

One time, not remembering my dad’s busy business, I had to drive the car to the garden before waiting for him to practice. Because I did not dare to ride myself, I took the car for a long walk at noon. After walking for a while, there were boys and girls of my age who rode from here to bicycles, fencing and laughing at each other. Then they began to notice me — a girl with a grimace on her face alone, taking a healthy bike without tires, without a rim in the midday sun. Being “stared”, I felt horribly embarrassed, feeling like hundreds of eyes were on me and there was no way to hide. So I tried to pretend to be confident, climbed into the car, and aggressively stepped on the bicycle. I wish I could go on to say that I suddenly realized how good the ability to drive a bike was, how confident I was to ride through these boys. But unfortunately, the harsh truth is that right after getting into the car, I stumbled and tried very hard not to rush into the manhole at the side of the road (hic). The boys saw that burst out laughing like a cannon: “Oh my god !!! Turned out to not know how to ride! Don’t know how to ride a car ?? ”and scrambled at the road. Needless to say, my face turned red, burning like thousands of bees. To this day, it is probably one of the most embarrassing experiences I’ve ever had. Or maybe it’s that bad because I just entered puberty. You know, at that age, something is not embarrassing.

Gradually, my skills improved and I became more and more interested in riding, especially after my parents rewarded me with a purple “locust” when I got into middle school. Finally, at 14, I started driving to school by myself. Because the distance from home to school was also quite far and crowded, my father initially “secretly” rode his motorbike behind (secretly in quotes because I always spotted the figure of his father — a green-clad army uniform worry behind). But after about a week, I was completely alone.

When I became more confident about cycling, I cycled everywhere, even going very fast and carelessly, going “clip 3, clip 4”, and also went to “hangouts, alleys”. of Hanoi. I also fell several times — many, many times, over there. But above all, I like the feeling of driving. Knowing to ride a bike gives me a sense of freedom that I have never known, I feel like I can go anywhere I want, no matter how far away. It can be said that riding a bicycle has opened me up an opportunity to mature, be independent, and discover a new “I” that I have never known before.

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