Political Shunning

I don’t remember which political figure said it. In the last few days some one said ” These people need to be shunned” to my best recoletion. I think it was a women  so I am going to say she.

She was adamant that i twas the best solution. I vaguely remember that the Amish practice shunning. I really did not know what it meant so I did a little research.Here are some of  the things that may happen if you are being shunned.

* You are not allowed to eat at the tables with others* You cannot speak unless spoken to first* You will be restricted with in the church

That seemed mild compared to the Orthodox Jewish Congregations who have a funeral for the person who is shunned. They are considered dead to the community.

It seemed a little extreme for a political point of view . I can see some upsides. If you eat alone you get to choose whatever you want. If there is a funeral someone might say something nice about you.

I think any political figure who suggests we shun people should stop and resign. (That’s extreme too.)


What do you think?


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  1. I agree with your point of view, I don’t even think shunning people is one of a true christian.
    Love is the answer and if it is not received love will come back to you.
    Well, it is my wishful thinking but my desire for those in this world to be kind.

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