My Poetry: Part 5

Hello everybody, I thought I would share some more poetry with you all.  These were all written either during high school or my college years.

I would love to know what you think of them.  Which one do you like the best (either out of these 4 or any I have posted so far).  I have not found my personal favorite that I have written, but I know it’s going to be coming up in one of these galleries.

Thank you for checking out my poetry!  🙂

Never thought I was the lucky kind,but now I know I must have been lucky all my lifeNever won anything, or so it seems,but I have won the best prize of all,Your love

Yeah, I am the lucky kindNever would have called myself lucky,No money or awards to show for it,but now I know I have been lucky all along,because I have got the best gift of all,Your love

Yeah, I am the lucky kindNo, I never would have claimed to be luckyJust plain and ordinarybut you came along,and I became the luckiest girl in the world,because you gave me your loveSo after all, I am the lucky kind


you bring a smile back into my soul

when I was broken, you fixed me,

and made me whole


you protect me from the darkness,

and all harm

I have never felt safer than when in your arms


My deepest devotion I could never fully express

You are the one,

Your love is the very best


Forever and for always, my heart belongs to you

and never will my love be anything

but honest, real, and true

Even In My Darkest Hour

I know we're miles apart,

but not for long my dear

Even though there are oceans in between,

In heart, I am always near

I know the distance is hard,

and sometimes time moves too slow

but soon we will have forever

and a wonderful future all aglow

Just don't give up on me,

when the times are tough

I promise it will all be worth it,

Even though the journey has been rough

I know some nights get lonely,

sometimes the days do too

but even in my darkest hour

my love has never been more true

I know we have waited a long time,

forever it sometimes seems

but I promise we will be together soon

and true will become all of our dreams

In Midst A Dream

I hear your voice calling out my name

In midst a dream

I look to the horizon,

and see your silhouette,

Running in my direction,

Opened arms welcoming

loves return

How long have I waited,

In hope that our hearts would

find a home together again

It is sweet serendipity

To hold how I feel to the depths

of my soul,

Knowing you feel the same

Sometimes dreams can seem better than reality,

but when I am with you,

Reality is all of my dreams coming true

and when I wake from a deep slumber,

All my dreams continue

Unlike the dreams that end

When eyes open


What do you think?