Not Attending the Prom – 9

With more girls than boys, and expecting last minute jitters, I had the Dating Service do a trial run and have a few ‘second choices’  in case there was a last minute problem.

I announced that anyone who could not attend, due to sickness or unforeseen occurrence must call the school no later than noon on the day of the Prom.

There were a few calls. This made my ‘second’ place choice wise. To cover the ‘double up’ of the extra girls they were told, as were the boys, they would ‘share’ and they were the most important persons as the algorithm needed to be refined, and their questionnaires would be the most important.

On the day of the Prom I sat nervously in my office, trying not to think of that girl I once was who didn’t get to attend her Prom.

That unwanted girl who no one noticed or cared about, who sat home, watching television. That girl who had entered Senior Year, thinking of which dress to wear, how to do her hair, who sat home in old clothes, watching television and crying.

I hoped that no girl would feel the way I did that night. I hoped I had covered every base so that every girl and every boy who was able would be at the Prom.


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Written by jaylar