Patience, Please

Sometimes I wonder if I had been exposed to different things in my youth.  I have even considered doing some of the things I have missed as a child  to help me become more tolerant.  I tried playing marbled for the first time. That seems frustrating. I assume it wouldn’t have been that way as a child.

Then a parent suggested that I get small ball and I use a stray to blow it around the the house. I will try almost anything once. So I am on the floor with a straw trying to get the ball to move. In the meantime my family was making bets about how long I would last. They made me a little path was out of duct tape on the floor. (It’s a good thing we have a no camera rule in our house. It wasn’t very pretty.

I decided that if I missed those lessons when I was young, that is what it is. I will have to try and learn patience in a different way.

I am open for suggestions. 


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter


  1. As an adult, you will need patience. It’s easy to give up doing the things you would have done as a youth.
    It’s always good to be childish at times.