Pasco County (FL) inmates assist a child that was trapped inside a car

This story is kind of a bizarre story since the father of a young baby who was strapped inside their auto made this mental error to not check to see if anyone was inside the auto and the second error was that the dad tossed the car keys into the front seat of the auto while his young child was strapped in the back seat.

Shadow Lantry who is the mother of the young child was shocked to learn that her husband tossed the car keys inside the auto and he did not get their young child out of the auto before leaving the parking lot with the auto locked up which I am sure was a mental error in judgement of the dad of the young child.

However the good news of this story was that Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco and several of his deputies were supervising a group of inmates that were working on a roadwork repair job when the parents of the young child asked the sheriff if he could get some help to open the locked auto where the child was inside.

Sheriff Nocco instructed an inmate to use a coat hanger to open the window of the locked auto so the locked door could be opened and the child could be returned to his parents safe and sound.

The inmate who most likely is an expert in using coat hangers to enter through windows was able to open the locked door and free the child.

I am sure that the inmate who was able to use a coat hanger to open the door of the locked door will get a reduced sentence for his assistance of saving the life of a child.


The most likely scenario is that the dad who made the mental error of tossing his keys into an auto that was locked will think twice before doing this act the next time he leaves his auto with his relatives when they go out to shop or engage in other activities since they dodged a bullet this time.


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