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Part-Time Jobs for Writers Who Want to Work From Home

Do you enjoy using written words as a means of self-expression? Then you’ll be searching for career options that involve writing in some form. Thanks to the growth of the web sector, there are ample ways to create and deliver your content to readers and clients.

The majority of writing professionals can be broken up into the following categories: technical writers, copywriters, and creative writers, aka authors.

Authors work independently and put their content on community forums, blogs, and personal websites. They are well-versed in online trends and use them to get a lot of followers and readers.

As for copywriters, content manager, blogger, columnist, news writer, and editor are some of the most typical job titles. For them, there are also plenty of opportunities to do their work from home and earn their living by creating content on demand. They have less creative freedom than authors but more guarantees as to the salary.

As a writer who wants to make money, you should have a clear understanding of market demands and needs of your target audience. It pays to be versatile, resourceful, and accurate with respect to deadlines. If that sounds like you, then you should check out one of the following options as your career.  

Academic Writer

A dissertation paper is probably the toughest requirement a student must fulfill before graduation. For the majority of young people this is quite an intimidating task, because apart from their degree, their future career also depends on it. Without any prior working experience, the title of their dissertation will appear on their resume when a student will be applying for the first job. There is a wide variety of research skills and planning needed to finish a dissertation paper that will be worthy of the highest grade.

However, apart from stress and workload, there is an awfully satisfying feeling upon completing this kind of paper, since you can choose your main subject of interest and research something you are excited about. If you are knowledgeable of doing dissertation papers and confident enough to complete it within the required timeframe, then you can apply to become an academic writer at a custom dissertation writing service. This way you will be able to help struggling students in achieve higher results and having a unique and high-quality dissertation paper.


Copywriting is a type of influential writing that is usually employed at commercials and advertisements. If you think your talent will thrive in a copywriting agency, you better get some knowledge of marketing and advertising. Of course, there are other assignments, but mostly this is somehow connected with brands and their positioning. For your texts to sell, you should have experience in the field of marketing, writing, and advertising.

Whether you choose to be employed in the agency or to be a freelance copywriter, you should be able to justify your value. Taking short courses, attending events, and doing brief research related to your every task will help you to stay abreast of the trends and be a professional in your field. Copywriting is one of those occupations, where you can start as a freelance part-time writer and eventually become a head of your own copywriting firm.


If you are an expert in some niche and do writing just for the fun of it, but wouldn’t mind to capitalize on this hobby, then being a blogger must be your cup of tea. There are several sites which will compensate you to make a detailed and helpful blog post. Some blog-writing gigs can give you an opportunity to link to your own website. This will help you to grow your audience, boost your reputation, and build a portfolio. Most sites usually have guidelines one should follow to pursue a paid post.

If you are an experienced writer and have a good performance review provided by the previous clients, you can be paid from $20 to $150 per blog post or negotiate a monthly or weekly rate to assure that you have a regular writing job and income.

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  1. Great article. I have worked for an academic writing site but I had to let it go because they were always pressing me to take on clients and sometimes I just did not have the time or the energy. I would much rather be independent and keep writing or blogging here on Virily because my niche (history) is not that lucrative outside… But I do miss the academic writing I used to do. I just might apply to some other academic writing sites as there are several of them out there…

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