Palm Bay Firefighter rescues animals from tough places in Florida

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I am sure we know the slogan “Never judge a person by the size of his or her uniform. Judge them by the size of their heart.”

In my opinion firefighters are unsung heroes in our nation despite risking their lives to rescue humans and animals that are trapped either in burning buildings or caught in storm drains.

If there was a person that fits the role of designated hitter in the Palm Bay Fire Department due to her unique skills to rescue animals that get stuck in places where only a person of small stature can perform a rescue of any animal, it is Teresa Ackel who has the nickname “Animal Whisperer” since she has a great track record of rescuing animals that are places where the average sized firefighter cannot fit inside in recent weeks.

Acker’s latest rescue was when three teens were trying to get a cat out of a 200 foot storm drain in the Palm City Florida area by calling for the cat to get out of its trap to no avail.

Acker risked her life to get inside the storm drain to rescue the cat that needed the assistance of someone to get him out of the storm drain.

Acker who admits that she loves animals as her companions was able to rescue the cat from its predicament and return the cat to his owners safe and sound.

Acker joined the Palm Bay Fire Department for the love of assisting people and animals. Teresa has heart of gold that will take her places in the service line of her life.


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Written by Deepizzaguy

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