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Open the book, close your mouth

Did you know that the only, but indeed, the only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude? Have you realized that everything happens for a reason and that your action and reality reveal the type of your thoughts? Do you see how actually everything’s connected and the quality of your thoughts defines the quality of your life?

Welcome to the world where nothing depends on the others, as you claimed so far. The world in which every single person decides his own path and destiny without even realizing he’s the one responsible for everything that’s been happening. And for everything that will happen from now on! But isn’t it just easier to name someone guilty for your loss? People always find it easier to hide from the responsibilities, even when his destiny is in question, just to be on the safer side. That’s how we were raised, that’s how we were taught. And that’s where we made the mistake!

It’s high time we stopped blaming our bad lives on the others! If we only grab our books, go learn something new somewhere, do whatever, but talking with our dirty mouths complaining about everything!

Optimism is the new, yet old tool. Passion for life is the new religion. Positivity is the new power. Mindfulness is the new fulfillment. Gratitude is the new compliment. Joy is the new way of life.

Let’s focus on our goals! Let’s make the world a better place for living! Let’s embrace the glorious mess that we are!


What do you think?


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  1. Hmmm… another wise advice… Great! The person in charge is a free person, freedom in a certain way because freedom always comes along with responsibility. And the embrace of the glorious mess is a chapter of a great book that has been written as ourselves, let’s read it.

  2. I agree with everything except “everything happens for a reason”. I used to believe this untilI lost my son. What reason could there possibly be for my 16 y/o, my only child to take his life. Anyway your post is great.

  3. I agree we are less dependent and much more in control of what we decide to do by ourselves. That is nice, and being positive and true about all our values, respectful to others and share great thoughts and conversations is something good to learn and learn even a bit more with everyone else. Growing like this is healthy!

    Thank you for the nice text, Elena! 🙂

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