One Way Love – 4

I went to College, I got a good job, then another, and was sent to a new facility in a new city, chosen to head up a department.

It was a quiet pleasant life in a virtual paradise. Things were pleasant until a woman I’ll call Fiona (because I don’t like the name) was put in charge of another Department.

From her advent, the tranquil company became a war zone and Board Meetings were hell.

Fiona  would not cooperate, would not compromise. If pressed, she would go on and on with her reasons why this needed more funding or that needed to be reorganised. If the Board wanted documentary evidence, one can bet that by tomorrow morning Fiona would have it was on the desk.

During the day, after work, I would wander down to a hotel on the beach, sit on the huge veranda, order a meal or a drink, sometimes bathe in the sea.

After the weekly Board Meetings,  this was vital for my well being.

And of course, Fiona would come to the exact place.


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Written by jaylar

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