The Odd Tale of Eric Stern – Part XVI

Eric Stern no longer thought of himself as Eric Stern, he was now Jack Morgan.

Jack Morgan; an easy going, fun, non intellectual, a man who smiled a lot.

Each morning he’d get up and race out to the shore, expecting to see Sandy. If she wasn’t there yet, he would swim alone, going as  far as he felt safe, then back.

Sometimes he had the energy to do two or more laps.

If Sandy came while he was in the sea, she’d plunge in and they meet somewhere in the water.  If he’d finished his first set of laps and was on the shore, she’d spend a few minutes talking, then do her own swim.

Then, they’d go for breakfast, and talk and she’d go to her post, he’d take up his. The day would roll easily. He would take lunch in his office, and Sandy would often join him.  Sometimes they would have dinner together, other times she went home to her mother.

There was no stress.  It was a family hotel, but there were few children, mostly older couples who were taking a few days break.

‘Jack’ didn’t shave, liking the way he looked, and his streaked blond hair was growing longer and no longer combed back, but allowed to fall around his face. Yeah, this was Jack Morgan’s look.   And he was enjoying Jack Morgan’s life, and then… it was Monday.

That Monday.


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Written by jaylar

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