The Odd Tale of Eric Stern – Part XII

Eric Stern, playing the role of Jack Morgan, lay on the shore when a pretty blonde woman came and offered him sun tan lotion.

“You’re the new manager.” She said. “I work in the gift shop.”

He had been introduced to the staff yesterday, didn’t recognise her.

“I was a brunette yesterday.” She answered his unasked question.

Uncharacteristically for Eric, Jack said; “That colour is beautiful on you.”

“I bought Summer Blonde, rich gold.” She blushed.

“I like it. I always wanted to be a blond myself,” he smiled, then went to hide his teeth, for they were yellow and discoloured, but at the last second he remembered they were blinding white.

Now wasn’t that fate? To have gone to the dentist before meeting a pretty girl and smiling?

The girl smiled back, replying; “There’s another box of Rich Gold,” her blue eyes very deep in his.

“I’ll pick it up.” He replied, then, boldly, “have you had breakfast yet?”


“Let’s go, shall we?” He invited rising, sucking in his belly, which was not as vast as it had been considering his near starvation of last week.

“My name is Sandy Moreno,” She said, “in case you didn’t remember.”

He put out his hand and pulled her up. She was a bit shorter and plumper than he expected but still very nice. He dropped her hand belatedly, then recalled leaving his wedding ring and watch in his room.

Another bit of the Jack style contra the Eric.

After a pleasant conversation over a decent breakfast, he walked her to the shop, bought the last box of Rich Gold and carried it to his room, then took up his post.


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Written by jaylar

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