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“NOTE: Content or links that are libelous, defamatory, vulgar, tortuous, racially or ethnically objectionable, invasive of privacy, hateful, promote any act of cruelty to animals, promote or provide instructional info about illegal activities are NOT ALLOWED.” This section is copied from the site.”

Let’s run through some quick definitions. These definitions are quotes, I didn’t make them up.

libelous ~ “containing or constituting a libel.”a libelous newspaper story”synonyms:defamatory · denigratory · vilifying · disparaging · derogatory · aspersive · calumnious · calumniatory · slanderous · false · untrue · misrepresentative · traducing

defamatory ~ “(of remarks, writing, etc.)” damaging the good reputation of someone; slanderous or libelous.”a defamatory allegation”synonyms:libelous · slanderous · defaming · calumnious · calumniatory · vilifying · traducing · scandalous · scandalmongering · malicious · vicious · backbiting · muckraking”

vulgar ~ “lacking sophistication or good taste; unrefined, tasteless · gross · crass · unrefined · tawdry · ostentatious · flamboyant · overelaborate · overdone · showy · flashy · gaudy · garish · brassy · kitsch · tinselly · flaunting, rude · indecent · indelicate · offensive · distasteful · obnoxious · risqué · suggestive · racy · earthy · off color · colorful · coarse · crude · ribald · Rabelaisian · bawdy · obscene · lewd · salacious · licentious · vile · depraved · sordid · smutty · dirty · filthy · pornographic · X-rated · scatological · profane · foul · foul-mouthed · blasphemous · abusive · scurrilous · sleazy  raunchy · naughty · blue · steamy · spicy · locker-room · fruity · saucy”

Hopefully if there are remarks that need to be removed writers will request the removal themselves.  I don’t know of many people here who want to police content. There are some who want to make certain that respect replaces bullying.

Bring it on back.

What do you think?

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  1. I am proud of you!

    I know it takes guts not to be afraid.

    i forgot the site has that rule sitting on it. I have asked the Admin team for the right to allow authors to remove comments. They said they would get back to me.

    I do like your point, however. No one really wants to police content. I think it would be better to just be able to block specific people from your feed!

    • I think that is a start. However I found a whole paragraph about how horrible I am posted on some one else’s feed. When it comes right down to it if they are not going to enforce them they aren’t rules and eventually people will fight back and defend themselves – but you can’t fix stupid.

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