No Camera, No Phone

This morning we had to fun an errand and I left without the phone. I was so disappointed. Many of the local farmers and ranchers had started their watering and fences were covered with beautiful ice. It was really pretty. It looked like quilts made of ice. My goal is to get up early in the morning – when I am always up early. My goal is to find something to take some pictures so you can see them. 

Of course, the weather will have to cooperate as well, and still, I am hoping for some fun captures.

I am not great with my phone, but it seems like it is worth trying and it will get me out of the house when I probably won’t have to explain myself to the police. (This whole lockdown thing is getting to be a real bummer.) $1000.00 is hefty fine.

My grandsons picked this!  It is odd and interesting. 


What do you think?

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  1. A friend of mine lived in New Orleans. He died in Katrina (he was a firefighter). I went down to his Jazz funeral in NO. It was the most amazing experience.

    this is the coolest video!

    Hopefully, you get pictures of the Ice quilts!


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