Never Let A Cat In the house

I was happily creating a post and they let the cat in. I got up to get the cat out and he tromped across the keyboard. The quiz the I was working so hard  with, was well , published. There aren’t enough  questions or answers. I have no clue what answer you will get. I had just barely started! I left a warning comment, but who reads those. Will anyone even read this? Oh the stress and pressure!

I have this terrible sinking feeling like all my hard work of over 400 post are just a waste. 

I may be grounded for life and that cat better never come in again. Drama filled house for sure. Tears.  Yelling and well mayhem. Have I committed the unforgivable? My mind and heart are racing.


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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  1. My experience of cats on keyboards is that they manage to write some extremely rude words – or at least one has to assume that the words are extremely rude in cat language!

    Or maybe a rough translation is usually either – “FEED ME NOW” or “WHY ARE YOU STARING AT THAT SCREEN WHEN YOU SHOULD BE GIVING ALL YOUR ATTENTION TO ME!!!!!!!”

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