NetKing Lost His Brain – 2

They were all into computers, programmers, engineers, web designers, techies. They had their interests, their involvements, and as they grew older, created lives.

They had married, outside of the realm of cyberspace and lived in the real world.

NetKing had married Gert and from that day to this one, had become rather political.

This was not the person who belongs to a political party or participates in various functions, who had real opinions; NetKing took his opinions from Gert. And Gert had these strong, twisted views.

She could defend a politician whom she never met, whose views were somewhat anti what was in her ultimate benefit. She could excoriate those whose policies had benefitted her.

Spiral, a member of their group, had pegged Gert as self-destructive. Cobol considered her to hate herself, and once wrote;

‘Gert is like a slave who supports slave owners,’  which those who knew her agreed.

How an intelligent person like NetKing could so lose his mind to such a woman was a topic of debate years ago. Now, most people simply dropped NetKing from their ‘friend’ list and forgot about him.

Only Airdog and Worf had kept contact.

Now it was only Worf.


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Written by jaylar

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