NetKing Lost His Brain – 3

NetKing had married Gert thinking she was brilliant. He trusted her ‘instincts’ and because he was so enamoured, never for a moment ever considered that maybe she was wrong. Maybe she didn’t know what she was talking about.

She claimed to support a particular political party, though she had never voted. Never voted, never attended a rally, a conference, in fact, no one in the Party knew she was alive.

This did not stop her from loudly proclaiming what she thought was their principles or beliefs. Now there were a number of people who knew NetKing who were involved in politics, and knew Gert was absolutely ignorant.

If she was among them, shouting out her idiocy, no one said anything.  They turned away, they spoke of other topics. If Gert wasn’t there, and NetKing babbled something, they’d attack his rubbish.

He would fall silent, sulk, walk out, because he couldn’t not support Gert’s views yet could not challenge those of the people who knew more.


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Written by jaylar

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