Mylot; another disappointment

It’s funny, the site seemed so innocuous.   

Short items, some folks discussing what they had for dinner, some showing images they took en route to the supermarket.   A few readable items, most as engrossing as a shopping list.

I joined Mylot, posted items of readability, of course was sucked into a Trumpians fantasy world,  but never realised I was being targeted by the Admin.

Someone told me the ‘original’ Mylot site had stopped paying a few years ago, then came back as a paying site.  

Of course this activated my ‘Spidey sense’ but I went on as if nothing was happening; waiting.

When you live in the 3rd World you are easily disposed of.  You are the ‘last hired/first fired’  so when a site is starting to swirl down the toilet, you know the first target are those who don’t live in America.  

How it happened is so amazing I have to share it.

I wrote about the ‘Blood Moon’ which was May 15th the day before.  I posted an image of a previous blood moon.

This guy attacks me claiming;  ‘that’s not a blood moon, that’s just dust’.    

I wrote back;  “I got the image from it is real.”

The guy disputes it, attacks me, and I respond.   

The Admin;  ‘Go Ask Alice’  attacks me, deletes everything I’ve published, confiscates the $6.45 I had accumulated and kicks me off the site!!!!

I assume I’m in the first batch as the site spirals down the drain.  For in real life; if you breach a rule, the Admin usually warns you, or deletes the post.  

On legit sites they don’t perform this kind of twist,  where one of their Shills (or the dual of the Admin) attacks you unfairly, you defend yourself… and YOU are kicked off and the earnings you accumulated are stuffed into the pocket of the Admin.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar


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  1. That’s so sad…I haven’t been active on that site for about two years. Takes time to earn than here on Virily although some of the users there are earning better.
    The admin should have acted responsibly by sending you a warning message though I’m perplexed why the other guy wasn’t also thrown out of the site.
    And that happened to me when I was writing for I reached the minimum payout, and received the message my account has been deactivated because…you know the reasons they give…

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