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My Schedule Went Haywire for the past few days!

We just had a long weekend here in the Philippines. I was hoping I could get back on track on my weekly goals on another blogging site. Instead, my schedule got worse.

I am currently teaching part-time for a private school since last year. I handle the ICT course for the senior high. Is year, however, they gave me additional loads. I accepted the offer since I need the cash.

This week, however, is one of the most hated time for teachers. The submission of grades!

This means we have to:

  1. Finish checking hundreds of test papers
  2. Check and grade the other requirements!
  3. Compute for their grades
  4. While continuously prepare for the next lessons.

As a part-timer, I also have to deal with my work outside the school. Until recently I had been uploading two to three blog posts on another blogging site. I was earning about $2.5 a day from that site.

Since last week I was not able to upload a single post. This caused my earning to drop to less than $2.00 the other day but bounced back to $2.1 last night. I still have not uploaded a blog post though.

My schedule got too bad that I wasn’t even able to write down my daily to-do list for the past 3 days!

Anyways, things are slowly going back to normal now. I will still be very busy for the next few days, but I believe I can organize my schedule again.

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