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My 10 Top Picks for Favorite OC Hangouts

Thursday, October 22, 2020

In this post, I decided to share memories of my favorite local hangouts. It can be from anything in the past that most sticks out because of treasured memories.

Share your favorite local hangouts.

#1 1. Favorite Vegan Restaurant

all there are many in my area nowadays, I have only been to four because I don’t eat out much. There was an Asian one, Wheel of Life, that I have been to twice. I frequented at Native Foods and Veggie Grill because of the entertaining environment. And, I also tried a raw vegan restaurant, which was good. So, my favorite is between these four restaurants. All their food was good, but I will base my favorite on the ambiance for hanging out. Since Native Foods and the Raw Vegan restaurant are at a mini mall, which is very quiet and quiet place, they could be a good place for a romantic date or private get-together, while Veggie Grill restaurant is located at a big mall, which is surrounded by entertainment and social activities. For my birthday, I ate at Native Food with family, before we went to Ghost, Musical show, nearby. I also hung out with family at Veggie Grill for my birthday in the past.

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#2 2. Favorite Tea/Boba Café

the only one I can think of is CHA for Tea, which is across the street from my place. During the 90s and early 2000s, I used to eat there more often, as well as buy an icy drink from them during hot weather and hanging out in the town center. A couple of years ago, they opened another one at the Woodbridge Village Center.

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#3 3. Favorite Hiking Trail

I have been a couple, here and there that are local, but I haven’t been to all the local trails. The beach ones are interesting and fun because of the coastal ambiance as well as the Art Walk Trails at the Santa Ana Artist Village and Laguna Beach Art Walk.

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#4 4. Favorite Taco Spot

I don’t really hang out at a specific Mexican restaurant, but I have eaten a taco meal at vegan restaurants. They were good, but I guess I prefer to make my own tacos at home and change up the ingredients every time to create my own vegan filling.

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#5 5. Favorite Boutique Hotel

It is probably the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Beach because it is on the coast, and we usually go at night and hang out at the bar area by the pool. I usually buy a cup of coffee with liquor, either French Leprechaun or Irish Coffee.

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#7 7. Favorite Surf Location

my favorite beach is probably Corona Del Mar Beach because it is the beach that I used to hang out at during my college years with a group from my dormitory. But Huntington Beach is known for surfing, although I haven’t been there since my teen years because it is also known to be a family beach. Laguna Beach is also a fun beach because of the social activities, artist studios, and art walk.

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#9 9. Favorite Coffee Shop

I have gone to many coffee shops, and I don’t think I have a favorite. I mostly go based on which one is closest when I am out somewhere and in a sudden mood for drinking coffee. I have also been to small coffee shops and cafes, such as le diplomate café and others, which are cool and very simple because they give off a very laidback and relaxed French ambiance for meditation, reflection, and introspection.

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#10 10. Favorite Facial Salon

I have only been to a spa, maybe twice, with my mother and some other family members, which was at the Costa Mesa location. It was a full body spa, which included a body massage, facial, and manicure, as well as sauna, jacuzzi, steam room and light refreshments. They had other options, but these are the specific options that my group had chosen for our package deal.

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