Monogamy, Huh? – Part 3

Eighteen is far too young to think of marriage. Even twenty. One hasn’t completed their own formation.

Twenty five, well, maybe but, there is so much more to do and go and be, and so many people out there….

Today was Derek’s birthday, he was Thirty Five. Never married, never really involved.

Oh there were women, so many women, and there was possibilities, but it never lasted. Derek might feel something for a woman, then after a few dates, it was like last night with Bonnie.

He’d been looking forward to dinner, then when he was there he saw all her imperfections and found her repulsive. It happened all the time.

Derek had never really thought about it.

It was strange to sit here, on the morning of his birthday, needing  to get to work, yet thinking about his relationship with women.

Derek the player? Derek who could have his choice of women… worried?

He laughed at himself, got up, went to get ready for work.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar