MARRY ME! Someday…

It’s every girl’s dream to be married to the man they love… No girl would ever argue. It’s their chosen one! The one they gave their trust and entrusted their heart. The one who will be their future and will spend the rest of their life with. But what if in your life you already found that special someone. You knew it from the very start. It’s him! And that even how many times you tell to your brain, you know it’s him! Because He is your heart have shouted!

In my journey, I came across a man. We loved each other. At the start, as lovebirds, we love doing things together. We laugh. We play. We made fun. We can really get along! Those long and silly talks for us, are peanuts. That’s how we are bonded. We are not just lovers. We are great friends! We are best friends!!! But the same with every relationship, it has to be refined. It’s not always a bed of roses. One day to another, every couple will have to go through that very crucial stage.

Those happy days of our lives are replaced with sorrows. The wind blows and has taken the wheel upside-down. Not to mention the reason, it was a very heart killing moment. It was a tough experience to be there. Every day you wish you shouldn’t be living. You ought to take out your life in whatever ways it can be. You go to the shower and drown yourself. You desire not to breathe. You wept all day and night like it’s never-ending. Every time you went to sleep, you pray that tomorrow will never come. That, if possible, you’ll sleep and never gets awake just to escape the pain.

What for? You lost your reason for living. He is your world. For many years, you’re looking forward to that very special day… you will be together forever finally in marriage. You seem to think – what’s the reason for building a relationship if you can’t stick for long? You had always believed, you are both there because you’re into preparation. It was sculptured deep within. Blinded by my belief, I gave up everything. I lost everything. I gain nothing.

It took several years for me to digest. My fears are happening and I was in full denial. I hold on. I try to save the relationship but I just couldn’t. Things are out of my control. I had no choice. The only way to put an end is to face the truth. What’s the truth? It’s not him! It’s goodbye – the end of our love story.

“Acceptance! I deserve to be happy! It doesn’t mean the past is painful, the future will be. Don’t be miserable. After all, there is a someone out there who would find. Someone who would want not just today but forever! “. This is how I take things. Slowly, my wound became not as deep as I have been stabbed.

“I have a lot of fears and to-dos.” I understand now. Neither of us is ready for commitment! That’s the bottom line! Even if he would ask my hand, I know very well that I will just make everything difficult for him. He’s not that ready in terms of monetary capacity.

The future has not come. What will happen next, all will depend on our decision; where would we lead our story? As lovers, we can pass through this! It’s LOVE!!! If we truly love each one, our LOVE will stand! It will surpass everything at the end. What’s true and genuine are worth the wait. Once re-found, please don’t ever once more keep ME waiting… 

We’ve been into many goodbyes, we’ve separated our ways but we have not left in each other’s heart. “Marry Me!!!”


What do you think?


Written by Lovine01

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