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REVISITING Sirao Flower Farm!!!

Every people, place and experience are different!... You may be gone to a similar place, with the same people but your experience is different...

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The Kind of Life

"Sometimes, it needs SOMEONE before realizing that it's GOD!" This is what He wanted you to do... & that He is setting things RIGHT!!!"  =THE STORY=  One...

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An Open Letter to the Man Who Had Let Her The One Got Away

When you are really in pain, you ought to find yourself writing anything that could possibly release your emotions. Just as this piece of...

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The Beautiful Olanggo Island

Every travel is worth an experience to remember. A chance to tell the world that life is worth to live!

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MARRY ME! Someday…

It’s every girl’s dream to be married to the man they love… No girl would ever argue. It’s their chosen one! The one they...

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