March 21st and it’s snowing

Today is March 21st and instead of a beautiful mild spring, it’s snowing and it’s cold outside. Honestly this weather makes me miserable. I wanted the flowers and trees to start blooming, the birds and bees to start flying and the sun to shine brightly. Unfortunately this weather is going to stay like this for a little while which is very annoying.

It’s officially spring but unofficially winter…*sigh*

I am looking forward to some nice warm weather very soon!!


What do you think?


  1. So many friends here talk about cold weather that has not passed yet even though the time has come for spring. The rain also still drops every day in my tropical country. May your hope comes true soon, TZ.

  2. Nice post, seasons are often late, they call it the El Nino effect. We had our hottest January ever this year hot and extra humid, 90% humidity. Now a little rain. Still got some humidity but better