Luna (Tic) University – 2

What would become the ‘University’  started as Tranq Training center.   uIt was basically to give some extra skills to people who were bored. There were a lot of time wasters because one of the things  on Luna, there is nothing to do.

You take care of immediates, handle emergencies, then sit.  With a chance to get some mental diversion, the Training centre was a good choice.

Then a power hungry primary school administrator saw the potential and began slapping courses together to make a curriculum.

Fine, more courses, more diversion. However, this was followed by pressuring our ‘government (so-called) to grant accreditation to ‘our’ University. This enabled a coven of obnoxious power mad little people with Nero syndrome who assumed ‘Nature abhors a vacuum’ (though there’s one on the surface) to fill it with bogasity. The Lunar colony had  started as a waste of resources to prove the toughness of the human spirit and how much better it is to filth up a pristine blob of rock which was lifeless anyway, than Earth.


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