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Logic Kicks in…

If the doom and gloom is real then every post I put here could be my last one. The site could be done at the drop of the hat. What do I want my last one to be? I want it to let those people who truly cared and were kind and considerate know that they made a positive difference. The words they wrote, the pictures they shared and their hard work were appreciated and noticed. So many times a response changed my whole day. Kind wishes carried me through so much. I have lost many while writing on this site and we all know I am an open book. And many of you helped me through it.

To the haters or hater, I hope it was worth it. I hope all the attention you get, got, and will get will finally enough to make you whole.

I will probably watch the concert tonight and it may bring in some light. It would be nice to at least have light to go to.

Life wasn’t meant to last forever, perhaps we could all try a little harder to make it at least a little kinder.


What do you think?


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  1. Enjoy the moment. Find the bluebirds. Look for the good. Share the good. Be a part of the solution. Be seen and heard if you are fighting for good. Tears don’t fix anything they just make your eyes hurt. I am spewing random thoughts to try and clear my head. It’s not working, but thanks Carol DM some how I know you understand.

  2. we are in the midst of the happy and sad birthday season. We are near the shared birthday of my father and the twins.

    It is a joy, the twins have made it another year.
    but now we add another year that my dad is gone.


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