Just Laugh

Sometimes when a caring friend sends me something they believe will be useful to me I just have to laugh.

Quote below

“you have a Zodiac Profile of a Metal Tiger.

From the very moment you were born…

A Zodiac Profile was created by the Universe for you, trenna.

Your Zodiac profile is the Metal Tiger.

You have a lot of strength and capability inside of you. Often possessed of great physical grace and charm, you are highly persuasive, even seductive. You are highly gifted, but at times you need to be pointed in the right direction. You tend to focus intently on matters at hand, and may miss the bigger picture. It is good to seek opinions from friends you can trust, and whose criticism you can accept.

As a Metal Tiger. your intuition is very powerful and you are most often right when you follow your hunches. Use this strength wisely and you’ll achieve greatness in everything you do.


Prosperity & Luck 福


As a Metal Tiger, you are someone that is powerful, independent, confident and brave.


Your lucky colors are white, red and beige. Wear them as often as you can especially when you go for important meetings or occasions.

Red allows abundance to come into your life, while beige opens the doors to money-making opportunities.

It is advisable to carry something in white wherever you go to combat misfortune or bad luck.


Love 爱


This year will be a good year for love for you. If you are single, you might just find that special someone for you. If you’re in a relationship, things will go smoothly for you. But do not give in to temptation and get yourself involved in a love triangle.


Health 壽


You will not experience any serious illnesses or health threats. In fact, your energy levels should be more than sufficient to make the most of this high energy year. Do take time for some serious rest and relaxation. If you don’t know when to relax, you might become sleep-deprived and that will cause weakness to the immune system.


Meanwhile, there is an indication of male family members that is more susceptible to poor health. Do keep a close eye on these people and stay alert on any small ailments. And try to be careful of what you eat, and stay away from unhygienic eating outlets.


Some Final Words for trenna!

it’s clear to me that you’re destined for a GREAT future.

Your future can truly be fabulous in every area of your life, especially in your relationships.

In fact, you’ve contacted me at such an auspicious timing because a super RARE occurrence just happened.

We are in the midst of a super RARE occurrence as the “8 Wealth Star” has moved to the center of the chart, where good fortune will be multiplied.

You made a great decision to take this reading now, and at the right time it seems because you are going to benefit greatly from the ‘8 Wealth Star’.

The ‘8 Wealth Star’ Has Bestowed Your Zodiac Sign, the Metal Tiger with Extraordinary Luck & Power

Not many people are aware of this rare occurrence, let alone how to take advantage of it.

Plus, the ‘8 Wealth Star’ is not going to be in the center for long. I’m not sure how long it will stay this time but the last time it happened 12 years ago, it disappeared after 30 days.

In the next page, i’ll be revealing how you can quickly activate your fortune hidden in your zodiac sign before the ‘8 Wealth Star’ disappears.”

Close Quote

Then my kind friend said if I wanted to pay $100.00 down payment the person says there is a not more information.

Here is the very sad part for me. This friend paid the extra $100.00 for hers. I want to scream. There are places that give you that free if it is the kind of thing you believe in. Save your money and please never send information to me about this. 

She then asked me if I could loan her more money because she had more to learn from these people. 

I had to say, please stop talking to me, we need a break.


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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  1. to quote a famous business person, “It is bad business to lend money to friends.” Hard to separate and we don’t know the full back story, as in how many times has the hand been extended.

    The only thing, however, is to note, you have to do what is right for you!

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