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Just Can't Decide

It’s a day of indecision. Do I like the picture of the tortoise or is it just different? I can’t figure out the song either. Do I like it because it’s a little different or am I really looking for something different?

It seems like not much is going my way today so it’s perhaps it’s a day to experiment and think outside the box.  This was our headline in the newspaper

Hurricane-force winds kill one, topple hundreds of trees and knock out power for 170,000 residents

It was a shock and the cleanup and restoration have not started because the wind hasn’t stopped.  The power isn’t on. Those of us who have generators are at least keeping warm. It seems to feel like it’s simply one disaster after another. My neighbor calls every day to explain it’s the end of time. Part of me says “then please just bring it on.” I am not enjoying drop after drop after drop. I guess I am a little bummed out. Oh well.

Again, don’t know if I like it or not. Strange kind of day.

Humm, guess it’s time to check on the roof and trees one more time.  Just a whole lot of stress.


What do you think?

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  1. You know what lately I have become philosophical. The way I look at it if time is coming to the end of days then hey, as long as my loved ones and friends are waiting to greet me at the other end bring it on there is nothing I can do to stop it but just don’t make me feel bad and keep putting off the inevitable,

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