It’s only Life

The film that has stopped my blood making me in a cloud. If maybe next time and tomorrow’s has been removed with patience and kindness a thing that once was is a past to be forgotten a distant memory has been pulled from the pages of my soul a new Life has been written and new actors are in a man. David a kind hearted and emotional being who’s love has no boundaries. His will to thrive and bring peace to the heart of those around him has been made new his armer not needed for he can do all things and believes in his god and his love to pull him through any obstacle .

David is a force a being of light knows the dark well but obeys his will to show that it is only a part of him to not be tricked by it or moved by it he will hold his queen up high and kneel at her beauty for he is not prideful. He has people and a name to fight for a life that never was to see through. Past and present meet a new destiny. Will he prevail …. stick around time will tell.


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