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I believe that music is powerful. It can help with healing, it can agitate, it can celebrate, it can motivate and it can work a crowd into an angry frenzy.

Today I believe it would be worthwhile to have some conversations about music and how we use it in our lives and in our homes. 

It’s clear to me when you walk into my home, you are met with some kind of music. I often have to make abrupt choices for the great good of all.

I have many things to do today and I would like to include my friends and associates here in my choices. Help me step outside of my comfort zone! Give your opinions and suggestions. There are many ways you can participate in these important and abrupt choices. This is an open list so you can put it here. You can always leave your thoughts in the comments. You can make your own post about it and tag it so I can find it. You can send me a private message with your suggestions. I really would appreciate your suggestions and ideas. 

#1 Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men – One Sweet Day (Official Video)

Do you have a better choice for me to stretch to? Do you think this is a great choice? Are you going to help me make it through the day with some great suggestions? 

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#2 Neil Young – Old King (Studio version)

Great rendition of a song about a wonderful dog, named King!

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