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International Day of Tolerance

The International Day of Tolerance, November 16, established by UNESCO, is celebrated all over the world, reminding us that we all have the right to be what we are, just as other people have the right to their specialty. According to the United Nations Declaration, established in 1995 in Paris, tolerance is the acceptance of the fact that human beings, naturally different in appearance, position, speech, behavior and values, have the right to live and be what they are.



For most people, other cultures and customs are a stumbling block, and not an opportunity to learn something new, expand their aspects. In the new culture they see some kind of threat and they look at it with condemnation. When will we finally decide to widen our arms and embrace the world, with all our faults, imperfections and differences? Why not give him the chance to surprise us? Why not get out of the armor and open up to the differences that do not necessarily have to be bad?

We are all human beings, and smile is the language that every person in the world understands best.

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