Interesting Surprise

Sunday, 8.25.19

Two weeks ago, I had raked my small backyard, and made piles of pine needles and dried leaves as well as placed all the pine cones in a pile for decor. I got tired, and I decided to finish up picking them up and placing into the bin later. I had forgotten all about it; and, yesterday, I decided to pick up the piles to discard in the bins. I looked out of the slide doors and noticed it was empty. Someone else had picked it up, and I assume it must have been the association workers when they came, a couple of days ago, to work on the wood areas being eaten by termites. I am not sure who else picked it up.

I went for a walk in my area at 7 pm, which was nice and cool. I browsed inside Trader Joes and mini Target, before walking back home. 


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