This is a song that I wrote for the RPM challenge. With “Imaginations”, I was going for a Halloween-like/WillyWonka vibe. Let me know what you think.

Here’s an excerpt of the lyrics:

Oh, oh… Oh, oh… Oh, oh…  Let’s get lost in our imaginations. Let’s get lost in fanciful creations. To help with all of our complications. Let’s get lost in our imaginations.

Color and light fill up my mind. Reality is intertwined. Let the dream unfold to my soul. Turn the page when the bell tolls. Sunlight streams into my heart. Painting its own abstract art. Perfect is my fantasy. Pushing away reality.


What do you think?


Written by Chris B.

Energy Dependence Day - Two countries, different in almost every way, yet bound by the common thread of oil. #author #book #ebooks #thriller


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