I Warned You Part 2 was coming…. I told you to run….Here it is

If I am talking about you specifically or to you, I mention your name. Here is an example @CarolDM, you and I agree on a lot of songs! We should create another concert. 

@DocAndersen, Are shocked that I returned for a visit?

I stopped by to see if perhaps the posts had returned. They have not and that is one of the reasons I  jumped. I have found that many great people are around other places and we know each other and enjoy viewing things. It’s friendly, kind and safe. I like that.

I do miss commenting on posts and I often come and read even if I don’t sign in.  It’s sad to have loved a place so much, but it’s not worth the angry words that some just have to let fly or the inuendos. I don’t play those kinds of games. I do love Scrabble, word Yahtzee, and few of those. Guessing games are often fun. 

I guess time will tell.  If things ever become kind, safe and supportive drop me a line. Trails.


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