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I Call Foul!

Sorry, the picture I could find was as close as I could get! My husband asked me to come watch the hearing about the Whistle-blower who had no first hand knowledge with the National Security Director. I sat there as long as I could possibly stand it and then I had to move to my computer and make a point. 

The timer in the room is broken. So there is no one timing and that is a violation of the rules. Here is what occurs to me. We have elected officials who either don’t know how to read a clock or don’t care to be concerned with rules.  It’s a way to bully the people who are having to answer questions. They are not following their own rules. I can see a clock running on television. Surely this is the obvious abuse of rules and power I have seen today.

We elected these people. What does that say about us? When do we stand up and make congress and their commities resposible or send them packing. They can’t even tell time or send someone to buy a timer. We may as well surrender. We pay these people for life. Seriously. Revolt.

It’s a sad, very sad day!


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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  1. Honestly – first off this attacking of the whistleblower is against the point of the laws that protect them.

    They (in this case) the whistleblower had access to the transcript before it was locked down.

    To be fair I suspect that no matter what happens the “executive privilege” argument made by the national security director will force a permanent change to the laws.

    If people cannot safely call foul, then we have descended to the reality of a dictatorship.

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